Swantje, Julz & Luise

We are Swantje, Julz & Luise – literally the heart of Lionheart. When we are not busy on the run with our cameras we love to travel, get to know new people, traditions and their stories.

Swantje is a passionate photographer since 2007. To take pictures is not only her job, she is doing it with all her heart and soul. With her excellent eye for detail, sensitiveness and humorous style she gets to capture all your emotions and magical moments.

Julz is probably the best assistant and graphic that we know. She accomplishes to capture all the moments in between, so that no second gets lost. At Swantje’s side she accompanies you in all the moments that matter, show who you are and how you experience them.

Luise is our specialist in moving pictures. Unnoticed, she records the most beautiful scenes of your wedding and conjures up a living memory for you. In her studies for film & television, as well as in her activities for several postproductions she managed to gain a lot of experience in order to record the best day in your life according to your ideas and wishes.